Internal pressure
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Internal pressure

The ultrafiltration membrane adopts PES with special technology, which has good hydrophilicity, chemical stability, mechanical strength and good oxidation resistance. The newly developed hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane of molecular reformed polyethersulfone material has permanent hydrophilicity, stronger chemical resistance, mechanical strength and better oxidation resistance. 2. The thin dense layer and asymmetric sponge support structure can achieve the lowest membrane deep pollution and the maximum membrane cleaning recovery efficiency. 3. There are many kinds of inner diameters to choose from, which are suitable for different influent water quality and can realize zero discharge of wastewater; 4. Compared with the inner diameter of 0.8mm and 0.7mm, the inner diameter of 0.9mm membrane wire with rich membrane has higher turbulence performance, slow flux attenuation, relatively easy cleaning and improved anti pollution.

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