FFM Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

FFM Inc. is a company registered in Colorado, USA. Colorado is rich in mineral resources, well-developed transportation, and is at the forefront of the world in environmental protection and research and development of new materials. Under these unique conditions, FFM Inc. has achieved rapid development in the research and development of membrane products such as RO membranes, NF membranes, hollow fiber UF membranes, serial-wound UF membranes, MF membranes, and water treatment chemicals. FFM Inc has a group of technical teams with years of experience in filter membrane manufacturing and application. They come from membrane manufacturers at home and abroad, strong environmental protection companies, and experienced design institutes. Jointly committed to the development of environmentally friendly and efficient filter membrane products and chemicals, and can provide wet and dry membrane products of the same specifications and models according to user needs. FFM Inc.’s products can be widely used in various industries such as wastewater, residential, commercial, industry, drinking water treatment, medicine, biochemical technology, food, dairy products, beverages and electrophoretic coating etc. FFM Inc. is committed to becoming a popular brand with a complete product chain in the field of membrane separation. FFM Inc. has established a wholly-owned subsidiary in China, FFM Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is solely responsible for product development, production, and marketing of the membrane market in Greater China Area. FFM Inc. is committed to becoming a brand with a complete product chain in the field of membrane separation.