Frustrated with your Reverse Osmosis Waste Water Treatment?

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Do you operate a Reverse Osmosis waste water treatment process that is challenged by:

 Flow or load fluctuations?


 High disposal costs?

 High polymer and chemical use?

 High energy use?

If you’ve tried optimising of plant and different chemistry only to achieve mixed results, then maybe it’s time you looked at alternatives such as bio-augmentation.

So What is Bio-augmentation?

Bio-augmentation is described as the addition of bacteria, nutrients and other growth enhancers to enhance the biological processes at your plant.

In layman’s terms it’s about adding good, active bacteria strains to your system that will work with your desired bacteria to enhance your process. (Just like Yakult for your stomach) The best part is that there is no reduction in desired bacteria, so there are no risks involved in your RO process.

Some of the typical benefits of bioaugmentation include:

Overall less filamentous bulking – reducing sludge volume meaning less to remove off site less regularly lowering disposal costs;

Accelerated nutrient and odorous chemistry removal, resulting in improved discharge quality and lower odour on site;

Reduction in solids reducing operational power consumption reducing plant costs.